The Music Connection K-8 CD Sampler (CD, 1998, Sony) - Silver Burdett Ginn

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The Music Connection K-8 CD Sampler (CD, 1998, Sony) - Silver Burdett Ginn


  1. A Song for the Children
  2. A Song for the Children (Stereo Performance Track--shortened version)
  3. Don Gate (Pick-A-Track)
  4. Cantare, cantaras (I Will Sing, You Will Sing)
  5. My Mama's Calling Me (Pick-A-Track)
  6. Abiyoyo (Stereo Vocal)
  7. La Raspa—Dance Performance Track (Stereo Vocal)
  8. La Raspa—Dance Practice Tempo (excerpt)
  9. Sweet Potatoes (Pick-A-Track)
  10. Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing (Stereo Vocal)
  11. Bamboo Flute (Pick-A-Track)
  12. The Little Shekere (poem)
  13. Ay, Jalisco, no te rajes! (Teach-A-Part)
  14. Button Accordion—Sound Bank
  15. God Bless the U.S.A. (Teach-A-Part)
  16. Give a Little Love (Stereo Vocal)
  17. Gould: American Salute
  18. Nkosl: Africa (What You Gonna Say) (excerpt)
  19. What Do You Hear? 10
  20. Interview Montage
  21. Ell The Wind Beneath My Wings (Stereo Vocal)
  22. Winter Fantasy (Stereo Vocal)
  23. ABC Rock (Scelsa)
  24. Dry Bones (Stereo Vocal--shortened version)
  25. Let's Go to Adana (Stereo Vocal)
  26. Pilgrims' Chorus (Teach-A-Part)
  27. On a Log, Mr. Frog (Pick-A-Track)
  28. Tldeo (Pick-A-Track)
  29. Leila (Pick-A-Track)
  30. Jamaica Farewell (Pick-A-Track)
  31. Dr. Seuss, We Love You! (Stereo Vocal)
  32. Save the Planet (Stereo Vocal)
  33. America, the Beautiful (Gospel Version) (Stereo Vocal)

The disc is in near mint/mint condition and has been tested by us. The jewel case is in good shape, the inside tray is intact. Please view all actual images.

Record Label: Sony
Artist: Various
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Type: Album
Release Year: 1998
Genre: Children's
Format: CD
Release Title: The Music Connection K-8 CD Sampler
Features: Compilation

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